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Written Marketing Content

Written Marketing Content, a mouthful in any language but what does it actually mean?

Answer: Any text based document that can be put to the noble cause of promoting your business or brand. It can be, but not limited to; blogs, newsletters, articles, reports, white papers and case studies.

Why use Written Marketing Content?

Answer: Because it works on a number of levels. Here are the details:

1. The content is “free” and should have some value to the intended target audience. It’s not just a series of “see how great we are” messages. You’re packaging your brand message up inside a wrapper of tasty content upon which the target market will guzzle and gorge.

2. This tasty wrapper of content helps you to get your message under the defences of the target audience - if it’s done correctly. People love free and, as long as they don’t feel they are being taken for a ride, will ingest the covert promotional messages hidden inside it.

3. This kind of material can easily be the basis for gaining media coverage which means “free” exposure through various media outlets.

What do I do now?

Answer: You call the nice people at Neon Dawn and ask them how they can help you to put Written Marketing Content to use on behalf of your business. The number is at the top of this page.

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